Mechanical engineering is one of the largest and most important industrial sectors in Germany.
This is why we are proud of our long history as a provider in this sector.
Our capabilities in plant engineering mean we can offer a one-stop solution to help you successfully complete:
  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
Depending on customer requirements, this includes supervision, modification, re-assembly and service, including maintenance – both locally and globally.
To guarantee this, we have particularly comprehensive knowledge of the standards and special factors involved in the following sectors – because they all have their own requirements in terms of longevity, flexibility, technological standards and documentation:
  • Bodywork construction
  • Portal and conveyor systems
  • Assembly plants
  • Processing machines
  • Body shell lines
  • Process plants
We can set up your plant anywhere in the world, carry out the necessary assembly and installation or provide supervision. After that, our internationally experienced staff is on hand to help with commissioning.




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