We supply suitable hardware plans according to the system-specific requirements or a complete package in highest quality.

We have standard and confectioned constructions and systems. These include small and large plants, new or overhauled, as well as extensions for existing and running systems.

The automobile industry, armoury, industrial engineering and power-plant also benefit from our know-how. We guarantee highest quality, economical and customer orientated service. Our engineers are highly qualified. We are flexible and thorough and have ample experience in the various fields.

Our goal is to offer and deliver best quality service.

We work closely with our manufacturers and switchbourd engineers to ensure prompt delivery. Our hardware documentation is operated with CAD/CAE system with E-plan.

Range of services:

  • Concept development
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Construction plans
  • Terminal diagrams
  • Installation plans
  • Connection diagrams
  • Parts list
  • Spare parts list
  • Operating manuals
  • Process, operating and equipment description
  • Design, Engineering and construction with CAE-System
  • Structural design
  • Selection and wiring of components
  • Safety-relevant equipment incl. Implementation of DIN EN ISO 13849-1

System planning:

  • Planning of complete industrial production control systems.
  • Selection and adjustment of components  for inpidual application
  • Development of work-specific construction concepts such as  control-unit selection, material requirements, assembly guidelines for switchboards and installations.
  • Compilation of guidelines for execution of plant documentation.