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A consistent Focus

SATec was founded in 1993 by Wolfgang Hasenknopf and Thomas Roth.

ISO-certification for SATec GmbH

The 1990s saw far-reaching structural and technical changes in the mechanical engineering industry, with a lasting impact on our company, also. So much so that the present size o
f SATec can be seen as an ever-more consistent focus on our customers’ automation needs.

Innovative Solutions

Today, the name SATec is associated with a medium-sized company defined by clear structures, a lack of red tape, solid financial management and continuity and reliability of leadership. At the same time, our success is based to a great extent on the knowledge, capacity and commitment of our staff.
Everyone at SATec is entirely committed to the common goal of finding innovative solutions for our customers while always maintaining our high standards of systems reliability, competent advice and excellence of products and services.

The Success of SATec comes down to one Crucial Strategy:

We have been operating flexibly and punctually as a highly qualified service provider for over 20 years in a market that is characterised by services of equal value and, at the same time, divergent price structures. 40 members of staff work together on specialised projects in the automation sector, in which price never takes precedence over the quality of our services. After all, only in this way can we guarantee that you, our customers, will remain within your value chain and, as a result, achieve your overriding goals.




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